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Sat, 01 Aug




In this workshop you will learn how to practice inversion and arm-balance safely and understand the benefits. How to synchronise the breath and body when moving into inversions, and hold the pose effortlessly that we can bring the mind into a state of equilibrium.

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Time & Location

01 Aug 2020, 14:30 BST – 16 Aug 2020, 17:30 BST


About the Event

Inversion and arm-balance 20 hours training

In this workshop you will learn the benefit of each of the poses and how to synchronise the breath when moving into inversions that can bring the mind into a state of equilibrium.

What is it?

· Inverting your Home Practice.

· Learn fun Yoga inversion and arm-balance safely with elements of Yin & Yang

· A Progression program for your asana practice.

· A maximum of 20 people will be admitted so I can make sure everyone gets the right attention and service.

Benefit of Inversion and arm-balance:

“Practiced with compassion and respect for the body's needs”

Inversions can bring great health benefits.

  • Support strengthening and stretching of the upper body
  • Promote blood flow
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Facilitate a more expansive consciousness

What are the contents?

· Asana practice (Yin & Yan) for warming up and cooling down.

· Workshops - play time, learn the technique and play.

· How to fall safely.

Classes are organized by inversion type (arm balance, headstand, forearm stand, handstand wall, handstand free standing) and its levels. Also have Yin practice at the end of each day. “Yin strengthen your Yang practice”

· Week 1 Master foundation. Prepare the Inversion & Arm-balance

· Week 2 Progression. Diverse your Inversion & Arm-balance

· Week 3 Intergration into Backbend & Transition through inversion and arm-balances

1. Core Foundations: Learn the basics of tuning in and integrating core activity into the entirety of your practice. Solidify your foundation, while exploring essential warm ups and alignment cues.

2. Headstand: Often thought of as the more basic inversion, headstand is very complex, but also very rewarding. Explore the full body activation and spinal length necessary to balance upside down, and learn the intricacies of supported and tripod headstand alignment during the workshop.

3. Forearm Stand: Open the shoulders and fire up the legs through a fun and funky flow that will get you standing on your forearms in no time! Experiment with different arm positioning and strength building drills that will help you find your float in the workshop.

4. Handstand Wall & Prop: Explore the importance of prop usage for inversions. Learn to take away a great deal of “no jump” press-up tutorials, and a variety of prep poses to help you gain confidence on your hands.

5. Freestanding Handstand: Start building confidence to practice handstand in the middle of the room with a variety of activated and controlled freestanding drills. Explore full body activation even further, and learn to PLUG IN to float up

What is the duration?

· 18 hours contact hour live online.

· 2 hours of non-contact hours. Regular practice and homeworks.

· Total 20 hours over 3 weekends.

When and where would it take place?

· 1/2nd, 8/9th, 15/16th August 2020.

Training starts on August 1st and will run for 3 weeks (until August 16th)

· Time Schedule:

o Saturday: 14:30 to 17:30h

o Sunday:   14:30 to 17:30h

· We strongly advise that you can attend all the classes.

· All sessions will take place via Zoom

What do I need to know? Do I need any materials?

· You need a yoga mat and comfy clothes!

· Internet access, download Zoom for the best experience, but you can also join with the browser

· Minimum of 1 years of regular Yoga practice.

· Any prop you find at home (anything like wall, blocks, books, strap, cushions, side table, chair, extra hands from your family and friends!)

How much does it cost?

· Total price: 200 pounds

· Reservations are open, first come first served!

· Early birds £180 are offered till the end of June 30th.

About the teachers . . .

-Saori Funawatari E-RYT 500

Senior Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500 + Japanese warrior who loves inversions and arm-balance transitions. Saori’s class is demanding and challenging but fun! Familiar quotes in her class are “Never take it too seriously” “Don’t think too much and just do it” “Never underestimate yourself, you are stronger than you think”. So take a note that you cannot use the words “I cannot do it” in her class but simply replace it with “Just yet”. She learnt to press up as she was scared of falling by jumping into inversions so if you want to press up, she is here for you to share her experience and knowledge.

-Arturo Flores E-RYT 500

Senior Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500 + world-traveler on hands started his yoga journey out of curiosity in 2012 and was hooked almost immediately, classes were daring but fun. The turning point was being introduced to inversions in a Rocket Yoga class  that literally flipped his practice, most of his attempts ended with him lying flat on the mat but he kept on trying. Yoga has shown Arturo the value of patience, perseverance, awareness, finding purpose in challenges and limitations but most importantly not taking life too seriously. That is the sort of mood you’ll find in his class, lots of hard work, playful poses and a few bad jokes here and there.

Still have questions? Drop me an email, I'll be very happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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